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Three Choirs English Rose Fizz

A traditionally-made Rose Sparkling wine of very high quality

Three Choirs English sparkling wine

A traditionally-made sparkling wine of very high quality

Three Choirs English white wine

A traditionally-made white wine of very high quality

Welbeck Abbey Brewery - Cavendish (500ml) 5.0% ABV

Cavendish is a beautifully balanced blonde with crisp, zingy grapefruit flavours powering through.

Welbeck Abbey Brewery - Henrietta (500ml) 4.0% ABV

Henrietta is a clean-tasting, delicate golden ale, brewed with German Hallertau Brewers Gold which contributes notes of honeysuckle and fresh hay.

Welbeck Abbey Brewery - Portland Black (500ml) 4.5% ABV

Portland black is a rich, velvety dark porter. Subtle smoke, chocolate and iced coffee flavours from roasted malts are topped off with a distinct vanilla aroma.

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