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Drivers Mini Pickled Onions in Honey & Balsamic Vinegar

Drivers Mini Pickled Onions in Honey & Balsamic Vinegar

Drivers Red Cabbage & Apple in Red Wine Vinegar

Crisp shredded red cabbage and chunky apple, pickled in red wine vinegar. The addition of the apples takes this traditional flavour to another level. Sharp but sweet and oh so moreish.

Haslet (250g)

Enjoy our traditional Lincolnshire meat loaf , using our own Country Victualler recipe and seasoned with sage

Pastrami (200g)

Our own cured pastrami has taken even us by surprise, it bears no resemblance to the pre packed supermarket style deli meats we are so used to eating. Light, fragrant and beautifully balanced flavours, a real treat. Ideal for your cold cuts board after Christmas and goes very well with chutneys and relishes. Pre-sliced for your convenience.

Mixed Charcuterie (190g)

A selection of four of our finest flavours... sliced and ready to eat!

The Coppa joint runs through the shoulder from the base of the neck to the top of the loin. Made from Cornish Pork shoulder, slowly dry-cured in a blend of salts and spices, coated in a pepper spice mix and slowly air-dried to develop its strong punchy flavour.

Beef Bresaola
Our Beef Bresaola is made with West Country beef; traditionally dry-cured in a blend of salts, herbs and spices, then slowly air-dried for several months. It has plenty of texture and layers of flavour!

Garlic Salami
Made with Cornish pork shoulder, this salami has a subtle garlic flavour. The light spicing complements the meat and garlic rather than overpowering it. This Cornish salami is a favourite of traditionalists.

Spicy Chorizo
A fully dried British Chorizo made with selective muscles from the local shoulder of pork blended with a complex mix of spices, sherry and hot smoked paprika which gives it a bit of a kick! Perfect to eat as it is.


Whole Smoked Chicken with Smoked Flavour

A succulent and tender smoked chicken, simply smoked for a sumptuous smoky taste. So what’s so great about smoked whole chicken? Imagine a chicken bathed in flavourful smoke and slow cooked to the point where it melts in your mouth. We really think that smoking chicken is the way it was meant to be cooked. The chicken is cooked by the smoking process and needs no further preparation. Superb for a picnic or a cold luncheon.
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