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Country Victualler Honey

We have teamed up with two local beekeepers, Matt & Mark and have our own hives to produce our own honey. Bee’s are a vital part of the ecosystem and we are dedicated to helping reduce the slow decline of bees. At the Country Victualler, we never mix our honey’s, so each harvest is small and totally unique in taste and texture. This reflects the changing flora through the spring and summer months. Each glass Jar is engraved with our Country Victualler Branding

All Raw honey will set\Crystallise over time, see the Cooking Instructions for further information

Our honey is cold extracted and simply filtered raw honey and must never be given to children under 12 months of age

Tracklements Honey Mustard Dressing 240ml

Drizzle this over your Jersey Royals for a delightful burst of flavour. With 2 types of mustard and the natural sweetness of honey this is the perfect dressing for mustard lovers.

Tracklements Italian Herb Dressing 240ml

A burst of summer in a bottle. Packed full of lively herbs this will add a zing to all your salads and sides.

Tracklements Traditional French Dressing 240ml

The classic vinaigrette, perfectly balanced, sometimes less is more. You can expect bold mustard and garlic flavours with a dash of black pepper.
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