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We have put together for you a varied selection of meat packs to suit your every day essential needs.  We at The Country Victualler know how busy modern life can be so we wanted to make it easy for you. Browse our Butchers Best Choice, the staple British Breakfast pack and our Essential Freezer Filler. Great value meat packs saving you money and time.  You can be assured that all our pork is Britsh Red Tractor and the meat cuts are of the highest quality.

Our Butcher's Best Choices Selection Meat Pack

Our choice of cuts for creating some of your most flavoursome meals. A selection of some of our most popular cuts using our best locally sourced matured grass-fed beef, along with with our best locally sourced outdoor reared pork. The ideal way to stock your freezer with meat for any occasion.

The Breakfast Selection Meat pack

This pack offers a wonderful selection of our award-winning products to ensure the best breakfast possible.

£17.00 £17.55

Freezer Filler Selection Pack

Our Country Victualler Freezer filler pack has been specially selected to ensure you have the essentials always at hand. We know at this difficult time that we all need something to store in the freezer when stocks are running low. So here we have created a freezer pack with this in mind. It includes our delicious Dry Cured Smoked Back Bacon, Beef Steak Mince, 4 x Pork & Apple Burgers, 4 x Gourmet Beef burgers, Lincolnshire Sausages, Thin Pork Sausages, Hand Diced Chicken, Marinated Chicken Skewers Chilli, Ginger & Lime and our Home Cured Gammon Steaks. Simply freeze, defrost and cook at your leisure!

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