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Cumberland Sausage (390g)

Discover the authentic taste of Cumberland Sausage - a classic British delicacy. Made with premium ingredients and carefully seasoned, our 390g pack is perfect for a hearty meal. Try it now from The Country Victualler!

Lincolnshire Sausage (390g )

Freshly made each day by hand on the premises, our traditional Lincolnshire sausage is simply seasoned with sage and very tasty.

Newmarket Sausage (390g)

Experience the rich heritage of Newmarket Sausage with our premium 390g pack from The Country Victualler. Renowned for its unique blend of spices and superior quality, this classic British delicacy promises a delightful culinary journey. Whether grilled, fried, or roasted, savor the authentic taste that captures the essence of tradition in every bite.

Nottinghamshire Sausage (390g)

Our fondness for sausages is so profound that we've decided to craft our own, naming it after our beloved county! Sausages have been a cherished British tradition for centuries, the unassuming yet perfect accompaniment to mash, eggs, bacon, or nestled in a bread roll. We've determined that it's time for us to create our own sausage for Nottinghamshire, just as the Lincolnshire and Cumberland sausages exist. Our recipe features the finest offerings of Nottinghamshire, including Bramley apples (originating from Southwell), venison (closely tied to the county through Robin Hood and the deer of Sherwood Forest), premium pork, and fragrant herbs. We believe our creation is worthy of being called "the Nottinghamshire Sausage."

Pork Sausages with Caramelised Red Onions (390g)

An ideal marriage of sweet onions and succulent sausage meat. Try them with Parmesan mash and steamed greens for a deliciously tasty supper.

Prime Pork Sausagemeat (400g)

Perfect for making your own sausage rolls and stuffing and for those of us who do not like skins on their sausages! Made to the same recipe as our award winning pork sausages.
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