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Cold Meats

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Alderton Ham™ (Sliced)

“A Rick Stein Food Hero and he knows what he’s talking about” We are very proud to be the sole producer of the supreme and multi award winning Alderton ham. Created in the small village of Alderton by Colonel Dickinson, late of the Royal Ulster Rifles, his recipe for this deliciously moist and succulently sweet ham has been passed down through the generations but never altered It’s still made today as he originally created it. Steamed and then baked with a traditional Marmalade glaze, to our secret recipe, is what makes this ham a firm favourite with the well-heeled of London and ham lovers across the Country. The Country Victualler is proud to have supplied Alderton Hams to Partridges of Sloane Street since their opening in 1973, also Fortnum and Mason.

Haslet (250g)

If you're a meat lover looking for a new culinary experience, look no further than Haslet from The Country Victualler. This delicious Lincolnshire delicacy is made with locally sourced ingredients and seasoned to perfection, resulting in a unique and savoury flavour that's sure to please your taste buds. Our Haslet is made using traditional methods and is ideal for those looking to add a touch of sophistication to their meat dishes. Whether you enjoy it on its own, as part of a platter or sandwich, or even as a tasty addition to your favourite salads, Haslet is a versatile delicacy that's perfect for any occasion. So why not treat yourself to this delightful culinary delight? Order your Haslet from The Country Victualler today and experience the taste of Lincolnshire like never before.

Pastrami (200g)

Our own cured pastrami has taken even us by surprise, it bears no resemblance to the pre packed supermarket style deli meats we are so used to eating. Light, fragrant and beautifully balanced flavours, a real treat. Ideal for your cold cuts board after Christmas and goes very well with chutneys and relishes. Pre-sliced for your convenience.

Salt Beef (200g)

We were delighted to have a request for this old school classic, we absolutely adore this salt beef. With a melt in the mouth texture and a beautifully light flavour this is ideal for charcuterie platters and sandwiches. Presliced for your convenience.
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