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Naturally Reared Lamb

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Leg of Lamb (Boned & Rolled or with Bone)

Roasted in the oven a leg of lamb makes the perfect centrepiece for your table. Tender, juicy and delicious.

Rolled and Boned Shoulder of Lamb (2.5Kg)

As the name suggests, this cut comes from the shoulder of lamb boned and rolled for easy carving. Perfect for pot-roasting and oven roasting as it is succulent, tender and perfect for stuffing.

Diced Lamb

Diced Lamb is the ideal cut for stews, curries and casseroles. It benefits from slow cooking to tenderise the meat and to release optimum flavour.

Lamb and Mint Burgers

Hand made lamb and mint burgers literally burst with flavour in every bite. We use the perfect mix of lamb with our mint seasoning to produce these mouth watering burgers, this is the perfect lamb burger. Only the finest lamb mince is used to create this succulent lamb burger.

Lamb Chops (2 x 4oz)

Sweet, succulent, versatile lamb chops. Quick and easy to cook. 2 x 4oz chops.

Lamb Steaks

Boneless are wonderfully soft and juicy, perfect for an easy midweek dinner.
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