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Gourmet Beef Burgers

Our gourmet range is made with the best quality meats, minced by us for the perfect balance of lean to fat, so that you can enjoy the tastiest handmade burgers at home for any occasion. Made by hand by our skilled team using a special burger press. These create easy to handle burgers that are less dense, and cook quickly and evenly. Tender, full of flavour with a satisfying bite, not too big, not too small these patties are just right and are so succulent and tender.

Gourmet Cheddar Melt Burgers (2 x 8oz)

An 8oz rump burger stuffed with vintage cheddar cheese and topped with streaky bacon, handmade to offer you phenomenal flavour!

Gourmet Chilli Bomb Burgers (2 x 8oz)

8oz of tender rump burger topped with a chilli glaze. Perfect for those spice lovers among us.

Gourmet Garlic Melt Chicken Burger (2 x 8oz)

Chicken fillet burger, with garlic butter and a garlic and herb glaze.

Gourmet Stilton Burgers (2 x 8oz)

A culinary masterpiece born from our passionate team's expertise, Blue cheese and Red Tractor beef unite in a timeless symphony of flavors, crafted with a compelling purpose. This burger, showcases a tender rump steak patty meticulously seasoned and lovingly stuffed with the robust essence of Stilton cheese – a celestial pairing that has her declaring, "utterly divine."

Lamb and Mint Burgers

Hand made lamb and mint burgers literally burst with flavour in every bite. We use the perfect mix of lamb with our mint seasoning to produce these mouth watering burgers, this is the perfect lamb burger. Only the finest lamb mince is used to create this succulent lamb burger.
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